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Salute El Capitan! OS X 10.11

el capitan


After last year’s OS X Mavericks named after the beach break south of the Bay, Apple introduced us all today to OS X El Capitan, named, of course, after the stunning, big a** rock found in Yosemite.


El Capitan brings with it a few cool things that will probably make your life easier.


* Split view! Work in two apps at the same time on the same screen!


*Less exciting, but still useful – when you lose your curser, shake your finger back and forth on the trackpad or give your mouse a shake, and the cursor gets bigger so it’s easy to spot.
*A new pinned feature in Safari lets users keep websites listed at the top of the window, similar to a bookmarks bar. There will also be a mute feature that will function even with several tabs open.


* The Notes app gets the same updates as in iOS 9, with checklist ability, and ways to add a photo, video, URL, or map location to a note. All your notes are kept up to date across all your devices on the cloud.


* The new Mail app features enhancements to its full-screen mode, tabs in the compose window, the ability to hide in-progress messages and go back to the main Inbox. There are also new gestures built into Mail for archiving and deleting — simply swipe on the trackpad.


* The Photos app will come with support for third-party editing extensions and tools that will be available from the Mac App Store and accessible right in the Photos app.


* Spotlight search goes deeper into our souls with a higher level of understanding, contextually aware search results from a greater number of sources.


* Metal for Mac has arrived, with 50% improvements in rendering with 40% less CPU processing power required for graphics. Metal on OS X El Capitan offers better battery life and improved graphics performance for both games and professional apps. It will also make it up to 1.4 times faster to launch an app, up to 2 times faster to switch in-between apps, up to 2 times faster to display email addresses and up to 4 times faster to open a PDF in preview.


OS X 10.11 El Capitan is available to registered developers today. For the rest of us, it will be available in public beta in July and will publicly launch in the fall. For FREE! Yessir!



What will OS X 10.11 be called?



At the World Wide Developers conference, held at the Moscone centre in San Francisco June 8-14 this year, we can expect an update to the MAC OS – OS X 10.11.


Previous to 2013 Apple had named their operating systems after big cats – see below.


OS X 10 – Cheetah (2001)

OS X 10.1 – Puma

OS X 10.2 – Jaguar

OS X 10.3 – Panther

OS X 10.4 – Tiger

OS X 10.5 – Leopard

OS X 10.6 – Snow Leopard

OS X 10.7 – Lion

OS X 10.8 – Mountain Lion


In 2013, Apple decided a different naming system was necessary (and better for the brand who wanted to uphold the idea of Apple being an American Company) and decided that Californian Landmarks would be the way of the name for the future of OS, beginning with OS X Mavericks, which is a surfing break south of San Francisco.


They continued with OS X Yosemite last year, so what do you think they’ll be going with this year for OS X 10.11?


Here are some of the names Apple has Trademarked:


Redwood, Mammoth, California, Big Sur, Pacific, Diablo, Miramar, Rincon, El Cap, Redtail, Condor, Grizzly, Farallon, Tiburon, Monterey, Skyline, Shasta, Sierra, Mojave, Sequoia, Ventura, and Sonoma.


What do you think they’ll pick? What would you pick? If iPhone Antidote were Apple, you’d be looking at the 2015 Apple Operating System OS X Sierra. And everyone would get a free 6 pack of Sierra Nevada. BOOM!