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Stockmarket news for Apple

Now for some more Serious Saturday news. Or Something.


Apple will be joining the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the close of trade on March 18th. Apple will be replacing At&T on the 30 member stock market measure.


From the Sauce:


“Apple is the clear choice for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the most recognized stock market measure.” Explains  David M. Blitzer, chairman of the Index Committee at S&P Dow Jones Indices.


The Dow Jones is used to give insight into how the stock market is trading, by averaging out 30 significant stocks which are traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq. Other members of the Dow Jones include big names like American Express, Boeing, Coca-Cola, Disney, Exxon Mobil, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Intel, JPMorgan and Chase, Microsoft, Verizon and Visa.



Apple is currently the worlds most valuable company with a market cap over $735 billion. Dollars. Apple is currently listed on Nasdaq with a pre-market share price hovering around the $126 mark.



Happy Saturday!

Twitter IPO! It happened! And it was good!



The Twitter IPO happened this morning! Lots and lots of money was made/exchanged/flurried about, and people were happy! Yay!


The bell was rung by Sir Patrick Stewart, Cheryl Fiandaca from the Boston Police department and Vivienne Harr from the charity Make A Stand Lemon-aid (An awesome charity btw, check it out here).





The stocks started selling at $26 a share but soon shot up topping out at $50.09 and closing the day at $44.94, up 73%!  Way better than Facebook (although concerning less money) and better than we think some people were expecting.


Twitter is now worth about 25 billion dollars.


That’s a lot of clams, kids.



We imagine the mood at Twitter today was a little like this;





And that’s awesome. Well done Twitter!





Images courtesy of USA Today, OMGCUTETHINGSClams.