Twitter IPO! It happened! And it was good!



The Twitter IPO happened this morning! Lots and lots of money was made/exchanged/flurried about, and people were happy! Yay!


The bell was rung by Sir Patrick Stewart, Cheryl Fiandaca from the Boston Police department and Vivienne Harr from the charity Make A Stand Lemon-aid (An awesome charity btw, check it out here).





The stocks started selling at $26 a share but soon shot up topping out at $50.09 and closing the day at $44.94, up 73%!  Way better than Facebook (although concerning less money) and better than we think some people were expecting.


Twitter is now worth about 25 billion dollars.


That’s a lot of clams, kids.



We imagine the mood at Twitter today was a little like this;





And that’s awesome. Well done Twitter!





Images courtesy of USA Today, OMGCUTETHINGSClams.

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