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Apple Music & Beats 1 Live Radio Station.




Apple Music is here! Well, not yet, but all the information about it is!


Come June 30 users will be able to use it to  stream songs, access curated playlists, and tune in to a 24-hour, live worldwide radio station called Beats 1.


Apple Music can be split up into 3 different facets that Apple hopes everyone will use and enjoy (D’uh), as well as making the music world a fairer and more creative place to be.


First, there’s the streaming service. Your own collection of music, as well as tens of millions of tracks in the Apple Music library. Handpicked by a ‘dedicated team of experts’ just for you, (not too sure yet on the logistics of this) and a bona fide way to discover new music.


Unlike some of their biggest competitors like Pandora and Spotify who use Algorithms to select songs in their product, Apple Music will have human curation, which, in Jimmy Iovine’s words,


“Algorithms alone can’t do that emotional task,” argued Iovine. “You need a human touch.”


Next, there’s the radio station – Beats 1.  24/7 radio broadcast to over 10 countries, and headlined by former BBC radio DJ Zane Lowe alongside other famous DJs from Los Angeles, New York and London such as Ebro Darden and Julie Adenuga. Beats 1 will offer exclusive interviews, guest hosts and other music world gossip and goings-on.


Third, we have Apple Music Connect, a social platform for Artists ( both known and as-yet-unknown) to interact with listeners and fans, with extra multimedia offerings such as lyrics, videos, photos etc.


So what do we think? Looks like a pretty solid service with a likely very big boost from grandfathered in Apple customers and the offer of a 3 month free trial. It will work, and it will be a strong and exciting competitor. It will add to the way that we listen to music. Even so, Pandora already has 80 million users, Spotify 60 million – so even with the boost, Apple might have a fight to the top.


Apple Music will be available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC on June 30, with support for Apple TV and Android coming in the fall. For full membership, you’re looking at a monthly fee of $9.99 or $14.99 for a family plan for up to 6 family members, although there will be a 3 month free trial available for all.


If you’re not down for commitment, you can still listen to Beats 1 radio, see what artists are posting on Connect, and hear ad‑supported stations on Apple Music (with limited skips) without a membership.


Check out the Ad for Apple Music here for the ‘feel good about the world with Apple’ feeling!







You wanna see some cool numbers? Yeah? Why not on this beautiful Warriors winning Sunday?


In just under 2 weeks you’ll be able to waltz on in with your cool self to any Apple retail store in the US of A and take home some Apple Watch candy!


As of June 26th, if you find yourself lusting after an Apple Watch whilst on holiday in Italy, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Singapore, Switzerland or South Korea, you’ll be able to satisfy that lust in an Apple retail store there too!



The most imminent number to get excited about? Apple’s WWDC Keynote speech starts TOMORROW at 10am PDT! That’s…16 hours and 42 minutes away! Check out what to expect and how to watch it here!


We’ll also be publishing a detailed outline of all the goings on down there at San Francisco’s Moscone Center shortly after the keynote so make sure to get your good self back here if you’re unable to catch the main event!



…Go Warriors.


WWDC new releases and predictions



Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off next week with the whole shebang starting on the morning of Monday the 8th with Tim Cook’s keynote speech at the Moscone West center in San Francisco.


So, what to expect? The keynote is known for being the time when Apple announces new products and services to the industry, with the week afterwards being used to introduce the new Apple products to developers in the aim of getting them ready for public release in the months afterwards.


This year we can expect an update to both mobile and computing operating systems – this time iOS 9 and OS X 10.11. Both systems will reportedly become more stable with less bugs (Yay bye bye bugs), have increased synchronicity between computer, device, and iCloud, and be showing off the Apple Watch’s San Francisco font.


iOS 9 will apparently have lots of applications for Force Touch, transit directions in Maps, and a new Spotlight Search app, currently called “Proactive” which will sit to the left of your first App page. It will purportedly have live data which it learns to be pertinent to you as a user – i.e, showing dinner reservations at the right time with directions on how to get there, or by showing the Mail app if it learns that you like to check your email the minute your alarm goes off in the morning.


Also expect iOS 9 to include a ‘Home’ app that will work as the controller of your Homekit friendly gadgets for the so called, way overhyped buzzphrase – ‘Internet of Things’


As well as the new look OS, we’re looking at getting a reboot to iTunes radio, possibly in combination with a new streaming music service under the helm of the Beats guys. It was rumored that Apple TV would get a rebirth in the form of a new set top box and possible streaming content service, however those rumors have lost steam in the past few weeks with the additional rumors that these new products are not ready for the public yet.


Good news for Apple Watch owners – it is expected that Tim Cook will announce that the devices will be opening up to developers to build native apps.


Finally, as an extra service push, Apple Pay may be getting some kind of reward program for users.


Then….hopefully… the ‘one more thing’ moment! When they announce their new iTeleport device. Yes, please Mr Cook!


If you’re planning on catching the WWDC Keynote, it’s being streamed live here at 10 am PDT, or on it’s own devoted channel on Apple TV*. Go to Apple’s own WWDC website to learn more about the schedule and sessions post keynote.


*Viewers must watch the stream online with Safari 6.0.5 or later on OS X 10.8.5 or later; Safari on iOS 6 or later. If you’re watching through Apple TV, it requires the second- or third-generation set-top box with software 6.2 or later.




What will OS X 10.11 be called?



At the World Wide Developers conference, held at the Moscone centre in San Francisco June 8-14 this year, we can expect an update to the MAC OS – OS X 10.11.


Previous to 2013 Apple had named their operating systems after big cats – see below.


OS X 10 – Cheetah (2001)

OS X 10.1 – Puma

OS X 10.2 – Jaguar

OS X 10.3 – Panther

OS X 10.4 – Tiger

OS X 10.5 – Leopard

OS X 10.6 – Snow Leopard

OS X 10.7 – Lion

OS X 10.8 – Mountain Lion


In 2013, Apple decided a different naming system was necessary (and better for the brand who wanted to uphold the idea of Apple being an American Company) and decided that Californian Landmarks would be the way of the name for the future of OS, beginning with OS X Mavericks, which is a surfing break south of San Francisco.


They continued with OS X Yosemite last year, so what do you think they’ll be going with this year for OS X 10.11?


Here are some of the names Apple has Trademarked:


Redwood, Mammoth, California, Big Sur, Pacific, Diablo, Miramar, Rincon, El Cap, Redtail, Condor, Grizzly, Farallon, Tiburon, Monterey, Skyline, Shasta, Sierra, Mojave, Sequoia, Ventura, and Sonoma.


What do you think they’ll pick? What would you pick? If iPhone Antidote were Apple, you’d be looking at the 2015 Apple Operating System OS X Sierra. And everyone would get a free 6 pack of Sierra Nevada. BOOM!



iOS 8 Banner at the Moscone center for WWDC!



Apple is getting San Francisco’s Moscone Center ready for their annual Worldwide Developers Conference! New banners recently added feature OS X 10.10 and, as you can see below, iOS 8 ( photo supplied by Business Insider’s Jaw Yarow).






iOS 8 and OS X 10.10 will both be featured in the keynote speech that kicks off the whole event, starting 10am PST on Monday morning.


Hooray for new operating systems!




Countdown to WWDC! What can you expect?



WWDC begins in 4 days!



Taking place in San Francisco’s Moscone building, Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference will kick off with a 2 hour keynote speech headed by Tim Cook at 10AM PST, Monday the 2nd of June!


Are you psyched?



So here’s the deal as far as we know it.


Apple hasn’t announced the content of a lot of their WWDC sessions and they have been given names such as: “To be announced” “No comment”,”Shhh, can’t tell you” “This one is sealed”, and “You’ll never guess”.


Click on these sessions and Apple says: “The title and description of this session will be revealed after Keynote on Monday June 2. Check back to view the updates schedule.”


Sneaky and exciting.


We have been told that we can expect updates to iOS and OSX. We can most likely expect at least a mention of Beats By Dre and the deal they have made with Apple, and probably a cameo by the good Dr Dre himself. We can expect Jony Ive in his loveliness explaining awesome things (via video), and Tim Cook excitedly talking about inspiration and the future of technology and Apple’s role in making your world a better place.


We suspect that it is likely that we may see new ways to make mobile payments, as well as an introduction to the much rumored ‘Healthbook’, built into the updated iOS with health measuring and reporting capabilities.


The announcement of the iPhone 6 ( more than one? Bigger screen? No more bezels? Made of unicorn’s tears?) and the iWatch ( will it ever come!?) are also possibilities that a lot of people are eagerly anticipating- both of which, particularly the iWatch, would need a fair amount of time for the developers to create apps for them before their release. A lot of people are, however, skeptical that either, especially the iWatch will be mentioned at WWDC.



The Financial Times has recently reported that Apple could be introducing a way for you to certain functions in your home with Apple Devices, perhaps  in combination with Apple TV. Functions that could be controlled from your iPhone or iPad could include lighting, security, temperature control  and connected appliances like television and sound. These would all be controlled centrally, incorporated into the iOS, instead of through 3rd party apps.



And then we have this, beautifully phrased from the Apple Sauce direct:





Ooooooh. Well we’re excited. Stay tuned folks, we’ll be bringing you all the news and mysteries unraveled direct from the great city of San Francisco as it happens!





Images courtesy of Apple. & Quickmeme

WWDC dates announced! Details here!



Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference dates have been announced!


This year the conference will run from June 2nd through to June 4th, and developers have had the opportunity to apply for random ticket selection up until today- a different approach to other years.


Here is the run down from Apple themselves:







So, what can we expect?


You should definitely expect to hear Tim Cook making announcements regarding the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 and outlining their release dates and specs. Apple TV will most likely be getting an upgrade, however an actual Apple TV will most likely not be making an appearance.


There is a chance an iWatch will be announced, although analysts and basically everyone in the tech world go back and forth on this one. We think there is a 72.5% chance, but we’re not betting the farm.


We’ll also get pretty video’s played at 9:42 am, inspirational speeches, and special appearances by Craig Federighi and Jony Ive!


Are you excited?? Cos WE ARE!




Images courtesy of Apple & Unitedcats

OS X Mavericks – What you need to know.





We would have suggested OS X Liger (rawr!), but Apple went ahead without consulting us, starting over with the naming process for system upgrades and leaving the big cat names behind.


Announced back in June at WWDC and coinciding with their new ‘Designed by Apple in California’ ads and the announcement that the Mac Pro will be built solely in America, Apple started a new naming scheme for their operating system based on locations in California.


Mavericks is a surfing location particularly well known for its dangerous big wave riding in Northern California, just north of the town of Half Moon Bay.



Now, it’s also the new Apple operating system. Is it as cool as beach with big wave breaks? Well, kinda? We may have trapped ourselves in that comparison- it might not be that cool, but it is very cool.


Here’s the double rainbow of coolness for you guys;



New Finder Tabs.



Just like in your Internet browser, you can now have independently controlled tabs in your finder windows. You can merge these finder windows and take the finder full screen.







Filed under ‘I wouldn’t have though of this, but now that you did, it looks really freakin useful’ is tagging.


With Mavericks you will be able to ‘tag’ documents and media – save it, tag it as sports, home, to do, etc. and it catalogues these under their tags in the side bar of the finder.


You can tag documents with multiple tags, create new tags on the go, and the best part? Searching using tags. For instance, searching for ‘iphone stuff’ and ‘the best’ will naturally take you directly to your saved iPhone Antidote Wallpaper.




Multiple Displays



Users will now be able to access the menu bar and dock separately on each screen with multiple display support. You will also be able to load separate and independent applications on each screen, and drag them from screen to screen.


Apple TV is not forgotten here either, as it can now be a fully powered OS X display, with access to menu bar dock and independent applications also.




Extended Battery Life


There is a heap of new processing elements included in Mavericks to extend your battery life and reduce CPU utilization by up to 72%.


We particularly like a new feature called app nap, which figures out what applications and web pages are in use, and which are not. The system will then simply stop giving power to the web pages and applications that you’re not currently looking at.


Compressed memory pretty much does what it says, compressing inactive memory to provide spare memory to running applications when needed.


Timer Coalescing groups low end operations together , creating tiny periods of time when your computer can enter into an idle, low power state, which in turn saves your battery.







Safari is updated with Mavericks, starting with an all-new homepage with top sites and a sidebar with your bookmarks and access to your reading list. This will also include shared links from people you follow on Linkdin and Twitter.


Safari uses less energy in this update and includes accelerated, smoother scrolling and one click bookmarking.  In your readin list, you will be able to scroll continuously through all of your articles, one after the other.




iCloud keychain


Cross device safe keeping of all your passwords and credit card information starts with iCloud Keychain.


This new feature will store all your passwords, across all your devices, so you don’t have to think about them ever again. Sounds pretty good right? The keychain will even suggest new passwords for you, and then will go ahead and put it in the cloud, encrypted.


With your credit card information, when shopping online, the keychain will offer the last four digits of all the cards you have stored, and you can pick one when paying and be done with it.


Although this sends little tiny shivers of scariness up the security part of our spine, it also sounds super useful and convenient.







You can now get all your notifications, from all your devices, on your computer.


What’s also pretty great about this is you will have a number of new options for action within the notification when it appears on your screen.


You can respond directly to most notifications, (by replying to email, declining Skype calls etc.), within the notification banner when it appears.


Once you have actioned a notification, you won’t see it again on any of your other devices, and they will all be updated with your response to the original notification.


When the computer is awoken from sleep, all the alerts you may have gotten when it (and you!) were asleep will be listed.






The calendar app has been updated in a really cool way- where now if you have appointments scheduled, the app will give you a ton of information you might need for them.


The calendar will now provide you with weather in the spot where your appointment is scheduled, as well as suggestions for restaurants etc if you require them.


We particularly like that the calendar will work out and tell you the travel time to and from your appointment, and will even add it to the calendar so you cant double book the time when you’re supposed to be on your way!


You will also get notifications of when you need to leave on your phone and/or computer.






Maps hits the computer with Mavericks! You can now access street maps, 3D flyover data and info cards. You can also push turn-by-turn directions to our iOS device straight from your computer.








iBooks will be on your computer by Fall with this system update. Now you can access all the books in the iTunes store as well as your stored books and bookmarks, and read them full screen on your computer screen.


But what is really cool is for the educators and the learners amongst us.





iBooks for Mavericks will come with interactive textbooks, which feature videos and other media embedded within the normal text. You will also have the ability to highlight and make notes, and learn using study cards made from the material.


Sounds pretty awesome huh?


OS X Mavericks is available RIGHT NOW for FREE in the Mac App store.  Download it here now.





All images courtesy of Apple.

The Next iPhone


Let’s talk about The Next iPhone.


We’ve already told you about the September announcement, (YAY- we’re still spinning) so here’s the short and sweet lowdown about what people are expecting to expect for The Next iPhone.


The Next iPhone will almost 100% be called the iPhone 5S, rather than the iPhone 6.


Above is a photo released into the world of an apparent prototype iPhone 5S next to an iPhone 5, said to have been taken by manufacturing sources of Macrumors. If it’s not fake, then we can go ahead and say that there will not be any super giant size or design changes coming up for The Next iPhone.


The phone will more than likely be released a few weeks after the Sept 10th announcement, around the 23rd, also coinciding with the public release of iOS 7.


It will have a higher resolution camera, purportedly 12 megapixel with possible slow motion video capabilities.


It will probably have duel LED flash capabilities on the rear camera, which according to the pictures sourced by, look like they’re separated for Tungsten color balance and Daylight color balance. All round better low-light, basically. This is the picture from their source in one of the manufacturing companies:




The 5S will very likely have bigger battery capacity. Yay!


It is rumored to have an A7 chip, built by either Apple themselves or by Taiwan-based chip foundry TSMC. This lets them move away from previous contract chip manufacturers and rivals, Samsung.


It might have NFC Capabilities.


It will supposedly have an updated convex home button with an integrated fingerprint sensor. The home button will be made of scratch resistant sapphire glass. Sapphire? Fancy!


It will possibly come in a third color- Gold, or champagne.




Champagne, gold, double the flash and sapphires. We can deal with that…


Not long now until we’ll know everything for sure about The Next iPhone! Until then we’ll keep you updated with all the rumors, guesstimates, financial expert statements and stolen pictures taken from manufacturing plants! Like spies! Kinda. Not really.





Images courtesy of Macrumors and Cultofmac




WWDC lowdown!


Alright guys, so yesterday was THE BIG DAY!


The four day annual world wide developers conference for Apple began yesterday morning, kicking off at the Mascone Centre in San Francisco at 10am.


As per usual, WWDC began with a perfectly orchestrated keynote speech given by Tim Cook, featuring a few other key Apple guys AND more importantly, featuring some new Apple software and hardware announcements and previews.






For the first time, the keynote was broadcast live from the Apple website and on Apple TV.


The two hour address was, as expected, super stylishly presented, with multiple media presentations, some jokes, and a few fantastic and even surprising new Apple products and updates.


The top things you should know about that were announced today are:



– The new Mac Pro. Stellar, revolutionary and round.


– iOS 7, the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone came out.


– OS  X Mavericks – the new operating system named after a California beach break.


– New Macbook airs with super extended battery life.


– iTunes Radio – the much talked about radio product that actually sounds better than we expected!



Super double rainbow exciting, right!?



We’ll have even more from WWDC coming up this week!!