The really really expensive Christmas Gift Guide (just for fun)



Welcome to our version of what would you buy if someone gave you $20,000,000 and told you you had to spend it, in a store ( online or real) in 10 minutes.


Because we like to think realistically, right?


That’s what we thought.


So just in case this happens to you, we thought we should make sure you’re prepared!


OR if you’re reading this and you are wealthy enough to buy these things for people for Christmas, well, think of this as a perfectly tailored iPhone Antidote Christmas Gift Guide. And can we be your friend?


Here’s some of the most outrageous tech things you can buy on the planet. Some of them are less tech, more just cool. We had to share.


Enjoy (and, um, you might want to get a tissue for that drool.)




The Flying Car.





How else would you get around? A limo? A Bentley? Please.  Reserve one now! 




The Aquaflyer.



The Flying car of the sea! And a must have, because oh gosh how much fun does this look. Enough fun that it makes you say things like Oh Gosh.

Check it out. $9,999.





Your own Private Island. Obviously.




Everyone who is rich and cool has their own private island. Not everyone who is rich has one ( you hear that Kanye?). There’s a bunch you can buy, varying in price from $27613.98 to P.O.A ( Think over 2 Million. At least.)  Check them out here. 



But then you have the age old question: what would you take to a private island?


Uh… How about a hot tub boat?


Done! The Hot Tub Boat.


It’s a boat AND a Hot Tub. It’s settled then. Check it out here.




Get an Aquarium


You can get it to surround your TV or back your home bar. Or YOUR BED COULD BE AN AQUARIUM! That would be so neat, and then you own an entire underwater world. You can call your fish your minions.





 The 1959 Corvette Billiards Table for $25,000



Because it’s pretty. And shiny and red and it’s a pool table. Need we say more? We didn’t think so.





Why not buy a submarine?


Because of all the fishes you can wave to! Think of all the new friends you can make! Like whales! What nice guys those whales are.

$2,000,000.  Check it out here. 





How about an Interactive Pool Table System? Not sure what exactly that is? It’s this:




Transform any pool table into a digitally-enhanced video experience. Apparently seen a lot in Vegas, so you know you should have one. Actually, you know you should have a whole pool table room.

P.O.A. Check it out here. 





Hart Audio “D&W Aural Pleasure”

Loudspeakers Cast in Bronze, Silver & 18ct Gold. Awesome speakers. Like, really awesome, and covered in precious metals, which is actually how we would like to have everything in our house one day.


Bargain price, really, starting at only $65,308.00 for the bronze. Check them out here. 





The Dry Water Jet Massager.

It’s like this fancy pod thing that you get into and there’s..dry water? that massages you. It’s like you’re a rapper but the girls are a fancy pod thingy with fake water.  We’re not sure we explained that right, so you should probably just check it out here. It’s $36,000.





How about a…. Bewjewled Anti-Aging Human Regenerator?




Yes. This.


This machine was on display at the world luxury Expo recently. It’s a blinged out ( think 6880 carats and 172,000 diamonds), human sized machine that a company called System 4 Technologies GmbH made to treat that awful malaise called aging.


The machine apparently slows aging using pulses and frequencies that treat silicon and aluminum deposits in the body’s skin.


AND it’s only $9.8 million dollars! Check it out!




And finally, a smiling gold plated Christmas kitten drinking some star infused milk.



Happy Holidays!







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