App of the day!

Our app of the day is bought to you by your potential ability to wear clothes really really well. All sexy like.


Introducing MTailor.




This app will sell you shirts that fit you exactly. Just you. Not that guy Tom you know, not your friend Barney, you.


It uses your iPhone camera to figure out your body measurements and then sell you the precisely fitted shirts. Super cool, right?


It’s a free app, and the shirts start at around $64. The whole process involves spinning around in front of your phone so that the app can make a 3D model of you. It then deletes the video and only stores the measurements for your purchases.  3 weeks go by and then BAM A PERFECTLY FITTED SHIRT ARRIVES IN THE MAIL.


This will be a shirt that is perfectly made for you, kind of like what James Bond would wear. We can’t imagine he wore normal shirts that were just made for anyone like a one size fits all mumu. Because he’s slick and is good at playing cards and women and stuff. Just like you with a perfectly fitted shirt.


The company is hoping to make the turnaround quicker in time and currently you have a large range of fabric and patterns to choose from which would also widen in time, including other items of clothing.


Get the app free from the App store and get your fitted shirt on!




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