iPhone Antidote Christmas Gift Guide!

 It’s here!


Our Annual iPhone Antidote Christmas Gift Guide! If you’re having any troubles finding inspiration for the perfect gift for a loved one, friend or anyone else in your life, here’s some inspiration! Lots of gadget-y, tech-y, accessorize-y, gift-y, amazing goodness!


We would always recommend getting a loved one a Macbook Air or Pro, or an iPad Mini, iPad 2 or iPad Air. However you guys probably know where to go get them, right? At the time of writing there is no spectacular deals on those products, so the following is less iconic Apple products, and more stuff that you might not have thought of yet.


Christmas inspiration. Enjoy.







* Get this awesome Smartphone Projector for only $34.40 from Uncommon Goods.  Helllllla good deal for fun times in 2015.








*Star Wars Family Car Decals. $10.49 from ThinkGeek.







* For the artist in your life, grab a Artist Stylus Paintbrush for Touchscreens. $24.95 with free shipping from Amazon.




*Game Of Thrones Flash Drives! $29.99 from ThinkGeek.






*Wallet with Removable Case for iPhone 6 for just $10.99 from Groupon.






*Does one of your loved ones own a Macbook? Make it even sexier by giving them an Acme Made Macbook Skinny Sleeve. Available for MacBook Air’s, Pro’s, in all sizes and in multiple colors. $39.95






* Omicron Tubus Portable 4W USB Speaker – Assorted Colors for just $5.99 from Groupon. 







* Know someone who’s a keen iPhone photographer?  Get them a Joby JM3-01WW GripTight GorillaPod Stand from Amazon for $15.83. 





*Lexar 64GB Professional SDXC Memory Card for just $42.99 (regular retail price – $299.99 ) from Groupon.






*Know a selfie lover?  Get them a Bluetooth Wireless Remote Control Camera Shutter Release Self Timer for IOS for $5.96 with free shipping from Amazon.





* Make sure your loved one’s are in with the cool kids with more Selfie gifts with a super fancy Selfie stick  – Extension Pole for use with GoPro Mount – iPhone/Android/Samsung Galaxy, Contour, Action, and Digital Cameras  for $49.95  or a good but less expensive option -Extendable Selfie Stick by CamKix® for $19.99 both from Amazon.





*Emerson Sensi WiFi Thermostat for just $124.99 from Groupon.






* Get an iPhone controlled bug or beetle! Because, uh, so-much-robot-fun! $39.95 from ihelicopters.net





* An excellent sticking stuffer is a nice clean AmazonBasics Executive Stylus. $5.99 from Amazon.






* Give the gift of media with a Google – Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player. Best price we could find was $32.49 with free shipping at Best Buy.





* Check out Skinit.com for cases and skins for all kinds of laptops and devices. you have the option of creating your own using photos, designs, or using their own designs such as favorite sports teams or fictional characters. Rad.






* Get this handy mcHandy Rechargeable USB Travel Razor for the shadowy man(or woman, no judging here!) in your life. $39.99 from Sharper Image.










*Be the coolest gift giver around with the Pyro handheld Fireshooter from Ellusionist.  $174 and restricted to those of us lucky enough to be over 18. Check it out!








*ROBOTS! Fun for all ages! Take a look at these: WowWee MiP Robot RC Robot with LED Eye for $127,  WowWee Robosapien Humanoid Toy Robot with Remote Control for $85.93 from Amazon.





* Talking about robots, you can probably build one with this next Christmas gift. Because it’s all about the future see, and that’s where the robots live. Anyway, if you can afford it, get someone you love a 3D printer for Christmas.


They’re exciting and you get to make things and you’ll become a part of the beginning of an entire new industry that will soon be taking over the world. Watch out for when you can 3D print a 3D printer. Then shi*t’s gonna get crazy. Anyway, we recommend Makerbot. Go check ’em out! Prices start at just over a grand.







* You know what else is kind of like a robot and will MAKE SOMEONE’S CHRISTMAS AMAZING? A motherlovin’ DRONE. Get the Phantom 2 for around a grand,  or if your budget is a little more restricted, take a gander at the Syma X5C Quadcopter Drone for $60 from Amazon or less if you take a look around on eBay and your delivery time isn’t important.






* What better way to tell someone that you love them by getting them something to count their steps with? But seriously, the FitBit tracker range is a great little gadget that will not only help you monitor your steps, elevation, miles but also calories burned and sleep quality. We recommend the Fitbit One.







* Check out this amazing new product called Fin. Fin is a small wearable that sits on your thumb and lets you control your digital world using touch-less gesture control. Check it out here and Preorder  for $120 from Finrobotics. 








*The Any Device Photo Printer. Print amazing photos from your iPhone or iPad (or android if you must)  in mere seconds. Easy as pie. Mmm Pie.





*i-FlashDrive HD 32GB with dual storage between iOS and Mac/PC – Apple licensed for iPod/iPhone/iPad. $164.54 with free shipping from Amazon.




*To get photos through all kinds of telescopes and microscopes, get a HookUpz Universal Smartphone Optics Adapter. $74.99 from ThinkGeek.







* Someone in your life TOTALLY needs Brain Wave Animated Cat Ears. Because it’s cats ears that actually move in response to your thoughts and moods thanks to a research-grade forehead EEG sensor. $69.95.





*Amazon Kindle 6″ 4GB Touchscreen E-Reader with Special Offers and WiFi for just $74.99 (saving $4) from Groupon.








*Between 12/14 and 12/20 Target will be selling Nintendo Wii U Console with Super Mario 3D World for just $249.99, and Nintendo 3DS XL for just $149.99.







*Get a Samsung 55″ LED 240Hz 1080p Smart 3D HDTV (Manufacturer Refurbished) for just $1099.99 from Groupon.







* Get a SEGA Genesis Classic Game Console for only $35.99 PLUS Free Shipping from Bonton.com. Use code FRIFAMDEC14 to make it $35.99, and code FRIENDS for free shipping. Limited Stock.






*Holstein Housewares Cinema-Style Popcorn Maker for just $55.99 from Groupon.








*Get a 51-inch Samsung 1080p 600Hz 3D Smart Plasma HDTV for only $998 PLUS Free Shipping from Amazon.











*The First Flying Bicycle. This is the world’s first bicycle that doubles as a flying ultralight para-trike aircraft. Whaaaat.

Only $45,000! From Hammacher Schlemmer.








*Got someone who is really into music? Got some cash to splash? Get them the AeroSystem One Speaker for iPhone. AeroSystem One is the result of four years research and development by Jean Michel Jarre and his team of sound engineers to make this one heck of a good speaker.








* For the ocean lovers amongst your loved ones – The Submarine Camcorder. Yup. A remote operated submarine that sends live video to an iPad from 100′ underwater. Perfect. $6,300.









*For the whole family, get them an Open Air Cinema, Big-Screen Home Theater System. Because your family deserves it. Only $3280.90 from Amazon. WITH FREE SHIPPING GUYS.








* If you’ve got some serious cash to flash, and this after you’ve been a nice person and given to charity as all people with cash to flash should do this time of year ( no pressure, only love!) then take a look at Stuart Hughes website.


He is a serious man, doing some serious luxury business. Think an iPad 2 with the bone of a 65 million-year-old T-Rex dinosaur, it’s front frame is made using Ammolite, the oldest rock in the world, dated as many as 75 million years back.


It’s also encrusted with 53 flawless diamonds, weighing 12.5-carat. The back panel as well as the Apple logo of this iPad 2 are made using 24-carat gold and weigh 2kg. $7.8 million







* The Submarine Sports Car. Because obviously. And it’s only a cool 2 mil. 









There you have it! Hope you’ve found some inspiration! We’re off to watch ‘The miracle on 34th St’, shop for the perfect gifts online, bake christmas cookies, and drink some mulled wine. The Holidays are so awesome.


Happy Holidays!






‘Presents’ by Allie Towers Rice is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Steve Wozniak to have his own TV Show?



According to the wonderful guys over at Gizmodo, Steve Wozniak, original co-founder of Apple and man of many talents, is going to be the star of his very own reality TV show.


But before you put him in the realm of the Kardashians, rest assured this is not a reality TV show about Wozniak’s crazy life or extended family, or even his business pursuits.


The show is said to be centered on the future in tech as well as looking at the latest and greatest gadgets, and will be co-hosted by awesome former Mythbusters star Kari Byron.


It looks like the show, likely titled ‘The Woz’ will possibly air on the discovery channel but nothing else has come to light yet. Even with this limited information we are looking forward to watching The Woz! 




New anti-discrimination bill named after Tim Cook



Tim Cook must feel pretty good about 2014. Looking back, we’ve got the successful launch of 2 new iPhone models, the Apple Watch announcement, his inspiring announcement about how he was tackling work place discrimination, starting with the announcement that he was gay in a personal essay in Boomberg Businessweek, and now an Alabama Representative is planning on introducing a new anti-discrimination bill named after him.


Named the Tim Cook Economic Development Act, the bill aims to end work-place discrimination based on sexual orientation, something which is very close to Tim Cook’s heart. The representative, Patricia Todd, was inspired to name the Bill after Cook after he spoke about how we are not moving quickly enough when it comes to equality for the LGBT community.


This was during another awesome 2014 event for Cook, when he was inducted into the Alabama Academy of Honor.


Originally, there was some confusion at Apple by staff who wanted to protect the company from getting embroiled in politics by preventing the Bill being associated with Mr Cook, however Apple have since come out and said that they are proud to be linked in such a manner to a cause that they so fiercely believe in.


Equality and anti-discrimination is something that Mr Cook is bringing to the forefront of values at Apple, in the hopes that these values will inspire others to do the same. Congratulations on a pretty amazing year, Mr Cook. If they made a Holiday special about your year in review, it would be something we would sit down and watch with a glass of whiskey.


P.S Because we’ve been working so hard on our annual iPhone Antidote Christmas Gift guide, we won’t be having our Deals of The Week Wednesday this week, but keep a look out for our gift guide, because that thing… that thing’s gonna rock socks.





Christmas App Guide!

It’s CHRISTMAS! iPhone Antidote LOVES Christmas.


And we love spreading all the joy and love and good feelings that abound around about now. Following is the best Christmas Apps so you can do just that! Also, the best Apps for Christmas shopping, countdowns, recipe’s and all things Christmas!





For Christmas shopping :



Get the Gift Suggester – Gift Ideas for Every Occasion






Have no idea what to get anyone? Starting to freak out? Get this app! Free from the App Store.





RetailMeNot Coupons






The RetailmeNot App scours the web for deals and coupons for all kinds of shopping! Check it to see if you can get the perfect gift for a better price!

Free From the App Store.





For on-the-go shopping, check out: Amazon for iOSTarget for iPhoneDisney Store for iPhoneStaples for iPhoneeBay for iOS and Groupon for iOS.





The Christmas List






This is the all -time best Christmas shopping list app! Add pics of all the lucky family and friends you’re planning on buying gifts for, track your budgeting for gifts, keep a record of items you think people might like and which store it’s in, make sure you know all of your secret present hiding places, what’s been wrapped AND it comes with an app-specific passcode so no prying eyes can peek into your personal present guide.$1.99 from the App Store.






To get all of your Christmas shopping deliveries organized,  take a look at the Deliveries App. It tracks all of your deliveries, updating you with the status of your shipments. You can also use this to track Christmas gifts you’re sending to friends and family, making sure they arrive on time.

$4.99 for iPhone & iPad
$4.99 for Mac





Singing is an awesome part of Christmas. If you love singing carols loudly, off or on key ( doesn’t really matter, does it? Unless you’re Mariah Carey or that girl from Love Actually) then this App is for you! Sing Along Christmas Carols Free





Free from the App store





Elf Yourself by Office Depot







An old favorite, it’s time to get it back out so you can giggle ridiculously over you and your friends dancing as elves. It’s gotta be a christmas tradition by now, right?

Free from the App Store. 




NORAD Tracks Santa




The NORAD Tracks Santa App is the official mobile app of the NORAD Tracks Santa program. Watch the days countdown to Santa’s flight, follow Santa’s progress on December 24, play “Thin Ice” to help Santa’s elves deliver presents, and learn about NORAD and its mission. Free from the App Store.





Foodie Recipes




One of the best Apps for recipes period, Foodie recipes will give you tons of ideas for holiday cooking, including deserts, hors d’oeuvres, and the big feast itself. Do yourself a favor and download it now! Free from the App Store.




Although not starting until after Christmas on the 26th December, Apple’s iTunes 12 Days Of Christmas is another app to look out for, as Apple will be giving away one free App every day until the 6th January! The App isn’t available to download yet, but should be any minute now!


That’s our best Christmas App recommendations! Tra la la la! We hope you find some of them useful, and if you have any of your own app recommendations, please let us know!


We hope you’re enjoying this special time of year. Now, put on some Christmas music, take a big sip of eggnog, throw some tinsel around, hug some people, and keep an eye out for the iPhone Antidote Christmas Gift Guide – coming very soon!






New 4 inch iPhone model next year?



After upsizing their iPhone models this year to 4.7 inch and 5.5 Inch with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, there are rumors skittering about that next year Apple may be introducing a new smaller iPhone model.


This new model would be 4 inches, which is the size of the 5S and would bring back the one hand ease that some feel they have lost with the larger models. The expected release would be alongside the larger models in the third quarter.


It’s expected that Apple will continue with updates to both of the larger models next year as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have both had great sales. The rumors of the 3rd smaller model may not be amount to anything, but it might make sense for them to still make updates to the smaller model iPhone to cater to that portion of the smartphone market.

Check out “Hour Of Code” December 11th




Code.org is a non-profit website which has a variety of tools for programming and coding education. Each year, during Computer Science Education Week (Dec 8th through 14th) they host what they call the “Hour Of Code”  which aims to reach millions of students and teach them basic programming techniques.


Apple has announced that they will be joining Code.org, hosting free, one hour lessons on basic programming for kids at their Apple Stores on December 11th. In select cities, Apple will also be providing special events and workshops with engineers and developers throughout the week that support Code.org’s mission and the ethos of Computer Science Education Week.


The Apple Store in Soho, New York will be starring the team behind Hopscotch, and the Apple Store on Regent Street in London will star NaturalMotion.


Check it out here to see if it’s going on in your local store!



App Of The day !




Our App of the day is another one that’s super useful particularly for this Party Season time of year -It’s called  Steerclear and you guys should totally know about it.


Drink Driving. It’s a bad thing, and no-one should do it. Ever. But the people over at Steerclear understand that sometimes people drink and then they need to physically move their person to another location safely, when there may not be the option for public transport and taxi’s and Uber aren’t quite right for the job. Which is exactly why they created their service.


According to the good people themselves, they’re “in the business of getting people, and their vehicles, to where they need to be, safely and affordably – whether that be home, the office, the airport, the grocery store, the hospital, the farmers’ market, or the beach (and anywhere else you can get to legally on four wheels).”


So, they offer two kinds of the same service and they’ve got it covered. If you drink whilst you’re at a party, they will send 2 people out, one to drive you and your car home and the other to follow your car and pick up the driver when you’re safe home.


You can also schedule a driver by the hour – so if you and your friends are planning on going to the beach to have some drinks, then going to the waterpark, then to the bar, then back to the beach for some bonfire action, your driver will stay with your car and drive you when and where you need to go as long as your start and end points are the same.


After all is said and done the Steerclear driver charges the credit card they have on file so you don’t need to bother with cash, and you can add any gratuity in the App also.


Rates vary depending on your location, but you can calculate the rate in your location by going to their site, or by calling 866.734.1912


Download the app now for free from the App Store!


Party on Garth! Party on Wayne




App Of The Day!



Guess what? It’s the holidays! That means Christmas Parties, cheap booze gift packs, eggnog, aaaand hangovers.


Yeah, sorry bout that, but unless you’re a teetotaler, there’s a good chance you will experience at least one hangover this Holiday Season.  So here’s what we’ve got for you today: BrainWave Hangover Relief


Developed by Banzai Labs, this app aims to relieve symptoms of your hangover (Headache, nausea, general discomfort) by synchronizing your brainwaves to low frequency alpha and theta waves.  Fancy.


Hangover relief is a kind of Holy Grail at this point (the only for sure certain way to avoid them is to stop drinking, d’oh), however the search for a cure is still a worthwhile journey to undertake!



If this app doesn’t work for you, we also suggest eating a banana, taking a shot, and dancing. If you can’t quite handle that, we’ve found that even attempting to dance helps. Also: watching other people dance.



The App has to be used with headphones and it’s $0.99 from the App store.



Cheers & Happy Weekend!



App of the day!




Our App of the day works on so many levels! A party trick, a super cool way to improve your photos, and just some awesome tech.


It’s called Cycloramic, and if you’re a fan of the TV show Shark Tank, you’ll probably have seen it before when one of it’s developers, Bruno Francois from Egos Ventures, secured $500,000 from two of the investors on the show.


It’s an app that is so simple, yet so ingenius.


It’s a way of using your phone to take panoramic photos. It spins your iPhone 360 degrees, using the vibrate function, and takes a photo at the same time. Whhhaaaaa!


It uses the phone’s vibrator function at a specific frequency to make the phone spin around its vertical axis and tracks the rotation angle using the gyroscope, compass and accelerometer. Holy cow.


So just so everyone has this straight- you place the iPhone in front of you, standing up, (on glass works best) press ‘Start’  and sit back, letting your phone spin 360 degrees in front of you, whilst taking a photo. No user intervention, just pure photo taking genius.


People get pretty excited when they see it, so definitely one to bring out at parties.


The App is available for $1.99 from the App Store for iPhone 5, 5S and 6 models.



Check it out here, then check it out in real life. Because it’s waaaaay cool.





Deals Of The Week Wednesday!

currency_dollar green


Deals, had enough of them yet? No? Well, it’s Wednesday, so you’re in luck! Here’s what we have for you the week after Black Friday and Cyber Monday.



*Get the Amazon Fire Phone (unlocked!) for AT&T and T-mobile WITH 1 year of Amazon Prime for just $199. Excellent deal.






* Looking to switch carriers? From this Friday, Sprint is offering defectors a pretty great deal –  bring a current AT&T or Verizon bill to a Sprint store, they’ll set up a new plan for you that is HALF of the service portion of that bill (the cost of calls, texting and data). In order to be eligible for the deal however, you’ll need to buy an unsubsidized device, either up front, through installments or using one of Sprint’s new leasing plans.



* It’s cold outside! Get some Aduro Touchscreen Winter Gloves; One or Two Pairs from $5.99–$9.99 from Groupon.





*Also from Aduro & Groupon, Get fancy with a  3-Piece Camera Lens Kit for your iPhone for only $9.99





* We found a pretty good deal on a Sony 40″ 1080p LED LCD HDTV for only $348 plus free shipping from Walmart.




*Get a Monster ClarityHD Bluetooth Speaker (refurbished) for $29.50 with free shipping from eBay.




*Planning on shopping at Amazon for Christmas gifts? Amazon will now donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to a charity of your choice when you shop at AmazonSmile. 



And there you have it! Happy Deals Wednesday!