Future Tech Of The Week




It’s the future! Kind of.. so let’s take a look at some future, in-the-works tech that we’re looking forward to!


So, there’s a company called Scanadu.¬†Initially their products were part of an Indiegogo campaign, they’re rocking it with their proposed tech by building a bunch of products that are health oriented.


With these products, they’re looking to do what a lot of impressive and inspiring tech companies are trying to do – improve your life in a significant, impressive and historic way.




By making collecting accessible data about your and your families health easy and intuitive. Take, for example, their product Scanadu Scanaflo which will test your urine and be able to tell you important details about it – i.e. Pregnant or Urinary tract infection. Always important to make a distinction between those two.


Or, take their product the Scanadu Scout which, once pressed to your forehead, will read health data such as your temp, blood pressure, blood oxygenation etc etc and send it to your phone.


Check out their blog here, to keep up with how their product developing is going and be excited about the future prospects of stuff!