Apple camera patent threatens GoPro?

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GoPro has been the King of portable, wearable camera’s for ages now and every thrill seeking, snowboarding, globetrotting guy with some cash worth his salt has one.


Now, something has sent their stock down a pretty shocking 12% ! What could it be? Um.. step on up Apple?


According to PatentlyApple, Apple has patented a design for a digital video camera that will be some serious competition for GoPro.Although the Patent was applied for quite a while ago, it was approved this past Tuesday and has since had the tech world buzzing.


The camera, whose existence Apple has not officially acknowledged, will be small, remote controlled, and wearable, but may improve on the GoPro by being less susceptible to damage and creating a smaller profile which creates less wind resistance.


Now, Apple patents a lot of designs. A lot.   So the likelihood that this wearable camera design will come to fruition at all, let alone any time soon, is relatively slim. But still possible, and certainly still possible enough for people to rethink their wearable camera stock options.



Go Pro’s shares are currently $48.35